The coolest day of the year –>Schneetiger – 2. Schitag

The coolest day of the year –>Schneetiger – 2. Schitag

Do you want to know what is was like?
Well, it all began like this…

We went by bus to Stuhleck to go skiing. It was time do ski! Yeah! We were so excited. When we got there, we put on our skis and went up the hill with the ski lift. At the top we met 20 freaked out kids from Vienna. Together wie skied down the hill – pizza and fries: If you want to stop, you have to form a piece of pizza with your skis, if you put your skis parallel you’ve got fries – too bad without ketchup. We also learned how to do curves, how to go downhill with a ski pole and how to ride the ski lift.

After learning so much about food (pizza and fries) we went to eat. We got mashed potatoes with pork. What a pity, we only learned about fast food, we didn’t eat any. But the food was still great and in my mind we all rolled down the hill with our full tummies.

That was the coolest day oft he year – even without real pizza.

von Lea L. (11)